Buck Knows Builders

Buying new construction can get expensive in a hurry. Buck & Associates’ knowledge of land acquisition, contractors, and vendors is unsurpassed. We can help you achieve savings while maintaining quality. Financing for new build homes is much different than getting a mortgage for an existing home. Buck & Associates can recommend a quality lender.

Buck & Associates Can Help You Manage New Construction

Experience keeps the transaction and build on track.

Site Preparation

During the first week the area where the new home is being built is prepared for the build phase. This includes the clearing of the lot, excavation, and leveling of the lot.

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During this 4 week process the bones of the new home are built. This means the footers are installed, followed by the foundation, and last but not least the homes frames is built.

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Mechanics & Interior

During the next 3 weeks the HVAC is installed, electrical wiring is run, and the homes plumbing is put in place. Once this is completed, the homes insulation and drywall is installed.

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Flooring & Paint

Over the next 3 weeks, the homes flooring, doors, and cabinetry are installed. At this time the interior of the home is painted as well.

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Appliances, Landscaping

The final 3 weeks is when the homes light fixtures, faucets, appliances, and landscaping is installed.

Open House

Final Walk Through

Once the home is completed, the buyer will do a final walk through in addition to the municipalities inspector with the builder prior to issuing the certificate of occupancy, also known as a C of O.